School Information

Schools are so important! If you are looking for a home in a great SchoolClipartschool district, check out our favorite website.

Parents want their children to have the best education possible. With the increase in mobility combined with the option of School Choice, parents are shopping for schools as they do any consumer product.

When given an opportunity to select a School or School System, it is important for parents to have comparative information upon which to base their choice.

This is why we love these two sites and they will help you make an informed decision:

Each website has it own special features:
SchoolDiggerThis site has compiled the complicated information from the GA State Board Of Education (GADOE.ORG) and created an easy, user friendly website. We absolutely love it.

You can search all schools in your district, get an overview of State Performance, Test Scores, Enrollment, Free/Reduced Lunch Programs, Student/Teacher Ratios, Number of Full-Time Teachers, Rankings by County/Schools and Neighborhood Comparisons.
GreatSchoolLogoIf you are like us and love to read reviews then this site will help tremendously. It provides numerous parent reviews of the schools their children attended.

Great Schools rankings show how well the schools are doing based on their test score and allows you to compare 4 schools at the same time. You also have the ability to search for your dream neighborhood close to your desired school.

Although not quite as detailed as Schooldigger, it does provide some wonderful articles and videos.