Premier Service

When you want or need the full services of a real estate brokerage, we offer our Premier Service which makes all of our services available to you during the listing period and you’ll still save thousands in commission.




Listing Fee and Commission: there is no listing fee or up-front charges with our Premier Service.  Our commission is 1.5% paid from your proceeds at closing. You will also have to pay the Buyer’s Agent commission (which is generally 3% but you decide how much you’ll pay when you initially list your home) and the required FMLS fee of .0012% of the purchase price paid to FMLS at closing.

Listing your home: We make in-person listing appointments so you have the opportunity to meet us before signing any agreements and we are always available to speak with you. We provide you with complete support from the initial signing all the way to the closing.

Your home will be listed in the multiple listing service until your home sells. fmlsOur contract is for 6 months at a time but is listed in 90 day intervals so your home always has a fresh listing number.  You may make unlimited changes, such as list price, property description, and photos, to your listing but your requests must be emailed to us. Your signature is required for any changes made to your list price. Our main service area is Marietta, Kennesaw and Acworth (but we do list in other North Metro areas) and we list residential single family homes, condos, townhomes, and small multi-family homes.

If you decide to take your home off the market for any reason, there is an administrative fee of $50 to remove your home from the listing service.  Be aware that with our extensive marketing, your home will have been syndicated throughout the internet and may take a few weeks to be completely removed.  If you wish to re-list your home, there is no charge or fees to reactivate your listing but you may need to sign a new contract.

Forms – When we begin the listing, we will provide you with a Sellers Disclosure form, Community HOA Exhibit and the Lead Paint Disclosure for you to complete. We will then make these documents available to any prospective Buyer or Buyer’s Agent so they have accurate details about your home.

Staging Consultation – We work with a professional staging company that can provide you with an in-home Stagingconsultation to “ready” your property in preparation for the sale. This is an extra service but is very inexpensive. To us, a staged home looks nicer but we’ve yet to see the proof that it sells so much quicker! We do provide you with a free e-Book called, “Secrets Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly” that will give you cost effective ways to improve the appeal of your home to a wider range of buyers – and it may be all you need.

Market Analysis – We will provide you with a current Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your neighborhood to help you price your property correctly and will recommend pricing depending on your goals. Pricing is the single more important thing you do. Homes sell because of price and no other reason. Homes in great condition will warrant a higher price than a home in poor condition. Pricing correctly is critical to selling your home quickly and for the most money. Many homeowners can’t resist the urge to overprice their home in the hopes of “negotiating” down. This is a failing strategy and often leads to a lower sale price because it takes longer to sell with multiple price reductions thereby “tainting” the property. Serious Buyers simply ignore overpriced homes because they feel the Seller is unreasonable from the start and will never agree to win-win terms.

supraLockbox – We will install an Agent’s Lockbox (Supra Box). Along with the box comes the ability to request feedback from Agents after they show your home. If they respond, we will forward their responses directly to you.

Yard Sign – We will install a professional Colonial-style yard sign for the duration of your listing. However, it is your responsibility to ensure signage meets your HOA guidelines.

Marketing: Internet – Internet marketing is absolutely key! When your home is listed on the multiple listing service, it will syndicate to thousands of consumer (Zillow, Trulia,, etc.) and brokerage (Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, Keller Williams, etc) home search websites. In turn, these websites syndicate to thousands of smaller sites giving your home maximum exposure. And because we are Zillow Premier Agents, your listing already gets special treatment on Zillow! 


Syndicated to thousands of websites







Photographs – We will take 25 or more high quality photographs that show off the best features of your home and neighborhood to be included in your listing. We’ll put the photos in a Virtual Tour that is set to pleasant music and transitions through the photographs in a pleasing manner. Listings with Virtual Tours will frequently increase the visibility of your home on many home search websites.

Showcase listing – Your home will be featured in two Showcase listing prominently displayed; one on Trulia and one on Showcase listings appear at the top of every page in your zip code for about 2 weeks whenever a Buyer is searching in your area.

Flyers – we provide you with color flyers of your home that includes photos, features, and description to be displayed indoors for Buyers and Agents.

Open House – We will advertise and hold any number of open houses for you. We need 7 days lead time and they cannot be changed. Please know that Open Houses do not sell your home. It is generally used by Agents to find Buyer prospects and makes the Owner think we are doing something special.

Showings – We handle all showings. When an Agent schedules a showing, we will confirm with you. If one of our Agents shows your home to an unrepresented Buyer and that Buyer purchases your home, our Agent will be entitled to the same commission as you are offering to any other Buyer’s Agent.

Offers and Closing: Offers – When an offer is made on your home, the Buyers Agent will send the Purchase and Sale contracts to us.  We will review them and either forward them or meet with you to discuss. We will help you with your response, negotiations and completing additional documents. We will interface with the Buyer’s Agent until we have a solution. ContractsWhen a sale is accepted by all parties, the agreement is considered “binding” and the Buyers will begin their inspections and move toward closing.

Due Diligence and Contingency Periods – Many Sellers don’t realize how stressful the sale becomes once the contracts are binding. At this juncture, there is a flurry of activity: Home inspections, HOA verification, finalizing financing, appraisal, surveys, repairs, moving preparation, and so much more. You are having to address the list of repairs Buyers are requesting and often there are repair costs you didn’t expect, you have stipulations to address, contracts to review and ensure time-frames are met, assurance that the Buyer can obtain financing all the while you are packing to move. Sometimes tensions run so high that even the smallest glitch can derail the sale.  We help you get through this period smoothly so that everyone gets to the closing table in a win-win manner.

Closing – The Buyers usually select the closing attorney and set the closing time.  We attend every closing. We will review the Settlement statements and explain the details to you. From your proceeds, the closing attorney will pay our commission, 1.5%, and the Buyer’s Agent commission.

Documents are signed, and you have just sold your home!

Save Money!