Frequently Asked Questions About Atlanta Area Low Commissions

At Atlanta Area Property and Management, we understand that the many facets of selling or buying a home can be confusing, and we are here to help you. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Of course, we would love to talk with you directly about how we can assist you in your real estate transactions. If you have a question that is not answered below, or are simply interested in learning more about how we can help you, please contact us. We appreciate your interest in our services, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Atlanta Area Property

What are the main differences between your company and traditional real estate agencies?

Unlike traditional real estate agencies, we have simplified our structure, focusing on providing the services which sellers and buyers truly need, lowering our overhead and expenses, and increasing volume. We believe that all home sellers should receive excellent service at a reasonable price. Our fees are straightforward with no surprises.

Your fees are much lower than those of traditional agencies. How does your company stay in business?

As mentioned above, our company has focused on eliminating unnecessary overhead and expenses, in order to make buying or selling a home a cost-effective experience for you, our client. We focus on providing the best guidance possible and avoiding unnecessary marketing and other expenses such as franchise fees. Our agents are experienced and get the same real estate education.  The use of technology assists us greatly in this process and we are happy to be able to offer you top-quality services at a much lower price than traditional agencies.

Answers to Questions from Atlanta Sellers

How is your company different from all of the “discount brokers” I see advertised?

These national chains tout their bargain prices, but keep clients in the dark about their hidden fees. These chains also tend to use a traditional fee structure for full-service representation. We believe that all sellers should have access to excellent service at an affordable price. At Atlanta Area Property, you can be assured that you know exactly which services are included in your package.  Our pricing is straightforward and honest with no hidden or surprise fees.

Please explain the importance of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

As internet usage has become a leading factor in the real estate market, thousands of potential buyers and agents view homes that are for sale online before deciding which homes to view in person. The Multiple Listing Services syndicate every listing to hundreds of home search websites, which in turn, those website syndicate to hundreds of others and so forth, making your home visible to thousands of potential buyers. By using the listing services, every real estate broker and agent offers you the same internet exposure for your property. If you are selling a home that is not listed on MLS, you are completely missing out on the most important way to reach thousands of buyers – and your home is guaranteed to stay on the market much longer.

How do your marketing plans differ from each other?

We have 2 commission options. Our $750 Flat Fee Option is geared toward the experienced home seller, who is familiar with the myriad of laws, paperwork, and processes of the real estate market. This plan is for home sellers who simply need access to the Multiple Listing Service, want to pay separately for specific services, and want complete control over the sale.  With the $750 Option, you pay $750 up front at the time of the listing and, at closing, you will pay the required listing fee of .0012% of the sale price paid to FMLS.

Our 1.5% Premier Option is full-service representation for sellers who would like advice, guidance and peace of mind throughout the home selling process. The Premier Option offer sellers everything a traditional agent offers but for less. Please see our Sellers page for more complete information on the services included in each plan.

Is the paperwork involved in selling a home really overwhelming?

While we know that many people have enjoyed success selling their homes without the use of representation, we also know that it can be a frustrating and anxiety-producing experience for those sellers who are not knowledgeable and experienced in the various Georgia laws, regulations and processes that govern the real estate market. in addition, you want to make sure the sales contracts and activities benefit you, not hurt you. Therefore, we are happy to provide our 1.5% Premier Option which provides you with complete representation throughout the entire process, insuring a worry-free and enjoyable home sale experience.

Should I have my home inspected prior to putting it up for sale?

The vast majority of home sales that fall through are caused by problems with the property that are discovered only after an offer has been accepted. A pre-inspection, which costs $300-400, helps eliminate this risk and gives you, the home seller, time to resolve any issues with your property prior to putting it on the market. Because it can eliminate so much wasted time, hassle, and disappointment for both you and the buyer, we highly recommend having an inspection on the property prior to listing.

Should I advertise in the newspaper and hold Open Houses to better market my home?

We are, of course, supportive of any additional efforts you might make to market your home. However, research and experience has shown us that Open Houses and newspaper advertising play a very small role in attracting prospective buyers. With our $750 Option, open houses are extra, and in the Premier Option are part of the service. Just so you know, traditional Real Estate Agents use Open Houses to get new clients – not sell your home.  In addition, they use it as part of the “marketing” and will hold an open house because it makes the homeowner feel better.

Click here for a brief article on Open Houses that might be of interest.

Do you advise working with Buyer’s Agents?

Most of the potential buyers you will encounter during the marketing of your home will be represented by a Buyer’s Agent. This Agent receives their commission from you, the seller, typically 3% of your agreed-to sales price. This is the Agent’s compensation for bringing a qualified buyer into contact with you and assisting that buyer through the sales process to the closing. While this commission will reduce your profit, it is advisable to cooperate with Buyer’s Agents as the majority of prospective buyers will be working with one.

I am ready for Atlanta Area Property to help me list my home. What happens first?

We are thrilled that you have chosen our company to assist you in your home sale and look forward to working with you! Please contact us at our office (770-906-3622) and we’ll help you get started as quickly as you like.

How quickly can my home be listed, and for how long can it remain on the market?

We have developed the listing process to be as smooth and easy as possible for you, the seller. After our initial meeting, we will list your home as soon as it is ready, which can be as soon as we sign the papers or a few days later. Your home will stay on the market until it is sold.

Answers to Questions from Atlanta Buyers

What should I do to prepare for my search for a new home?

The most important first step for a prospective home buyer is to receive pre-approval for a mortgage from a bank or mortgage broker. Loan pre-approval serves a dual purpose – It helps you, the buyer, determine what you can afford and focus your home search accordingly, and it helps the seller feel more confident and favorable towards any purchase offer you might make.

Why should I work with a Buyer’s Agent?

Buyer’s Agents are deeply familiar with the local real estate market and can invest the time and energy required to find your perfect home. Our Agents will discuss your housing needs at length with you, research available properties, and set up viewings of homes. Because our Agents invest so much time in our clients’ home searches, it is fair and appropriate for you, the buyer, to sign a Buyers Agency contract with the Agent that commits to working with you throughout the process. You can withdraw from this contract at any point, of course, but our experience has shown that buyers are thrilled with the level of service and guidance our Agents can provide, and are confident you will find this relationship a rewarding experience.

How will your company help me find the perfect home?

Our Buyer’s Agents will walk you through every step of the home buying process which can get complicated. We are committed to helping you find the home that meets your needs all while guiding you throughout the process from the first search to the closing. Remember, this service comes at no cost to you, the Buyer, and we want a satisfied client for life!

What is involved in making an offer on a home?

Rest assured that our Buyer’s Agents will guide you at each point in the negotiation process. For more information, please visit our Buyers page.

How do I make sure the home I’m interested in is in good condition?

Our Buyer’s Agents will most certainly recommend a home inspection of the property during the Due Diligence period after your offer has been accepted. Generally costing between $300 to $400, a certified home inspector will review the entire property and provide you with a detailed report listing any repairs needed or other issues noted. This report and requested repairs then becomes a part of the negotiation process with the seller. It is also possible that other testing, such as for the presence of radon or the safety of the water supply, may be recommended by the Inspector. Your Buyer’s Agent will assist you by coordinating and following through with any and all recommended inspections, tests, and surveys on the property.

Will I have freedom to choose my own mortgage lender if I work with your company? Do you have preferred lenders?

Yes, you will have the freedom to choose whichever lender you feel comfortable. As an additional service, Atlanta Area Property does have a list of trusted lenders we love available to our clients.

What is an earnest money deposit?

This is an amount of money offered by you, the buyer, at the time the purchase offer is made, also known as “good faith” money, indicating that you are a serious buyer and able to follow through the sale. Earnest money is generally 1% of the purchase price and is held in escrow by the closing attorney or real estate broker until closing where it credited to you.


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