On A Budget? You Can Still Update Before Selling

Fixup HouseEver watch that show “Sell this house”? They show you how to update a home for about $2000 or less. You can do the same! As an owner, it’s difficult to be objective about your space but if you can step back, you can make simple updates that really make a difference. Here are some of their suggestions:

One of the most important things to do is de-clutter and de-personalize. Get rid of all the photos, knick-knacks, books and memorabilia.

  • Get rid of excessive, non-essential furniture and re-arrange rooms so they have a focal point and optimize space.
  • Straighten up all closets and get rid of stuff you no longer use. Clear off bathroom and kitchen counters, tabletops and drawers.
  • Neutralize all the walls in the home with the same light-hued paint (not white), and if you do want to use another color, make sure it is in the same color family. Stay away from dramatic accent walls that stand out as you want to attract as many buyers as possible.
  • Strip dated and peeling wallpaper and paint instead.
  • Hang fresh towels daily.
  • Replace carpet if it is worn and use neutral colors.
  • Lay vinyl tiles over old floors or consider painting them. Put a coat or two of poly on wood floors to make the home sparkle (I recommend an excellent low-cost product that you can apply yourself called Rejuvenate).
  • Get coverlets for furniture if fabrics are worn, torn, or are colors that can’t be tied into the décor. Use tasteful accent pillows and curtains to bring life to the neutral walls and furniture.
  • Paint kitchen cabinets if they are in need of an update.kitchen-cabinet-painted
  • Replace hardware throughout the house including the front door, room doors, cabinets, and sink fixtures. If lighting seems dated, replace light fixtures, too.
  • Shine up appliances and remove magnets and family artwork.
  • Scrub grout and use bleach to remove dark mold and mildew, and repair all missing grout and broken tiles.
  • Clean up areas around the tv’s and organize remotes and dvds.
  • Keep the exterior trimmed at all times, which may mean mowing once a week. Keep mulch in the beds and weeds pulled. Plant yellow flowers in the spring and summer and keep snow cleared in the winter.
  • Make sure wood on decks and porches is in good shape and consider painting or staining it.
  • Repair and paint the mailbox.
  • Add a new doormat.
  • Run a de-humidifier in the basement if it feels damp or smells moldy.
  • Don’t forget the garage!
Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. If you can be objective, you can probably do it on a very small budget. Work with your Realtor as she has an intestest in helping you sell your home for the most you can get. Your Realtor will have lots of ideas on how you can make your home appealing to a wide range of buyers.