Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

I always tell my new clients that putting your home on the market is one big, fat inconvenience. Putting your home on the market is a complete disruption to your life and your family’s life.

Your home will need to look like a model home all the time. Can you do it?

Your home will need to look like a model home all the time.

It means everyone must turn into a super-neatnic and not leave anything laying around. It’s having your Realtor tell you that you have to get rid of or hide all that stuff you treasure so much. It’s rearranging the furniture and buying new towels and bedding. It means giving every room a purpose. Your kids have to pick up after themselves and hubby has to keep the lawn mowed.

Selling your home means always having to do your dishes and putting your clothes neatly away. It’s dusting and vacuuming every day and keeping the house smelling fresh.  Cat litter is emptied daily and the dog is kept penned. Your jewelry has to be placed in a safety deposit box while checkbooks and other financial valuables have to be locked up and probably kept with you at all times.  It means cleaning your bathrooms before you leave for work, making sure the closets are tidy, and no more piles of clothes in the laundry room.

It’s exposing your home to complete strangers allowing them to walk through your home and see how you live.  There’s the anxiety of hoping someone will love your home as much as you do and is willing to pay your price. If you can keep all this up for weeks or even months, then you are good to go!


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