Full Service Management

Manage My PropertyDo you know how much it costs every time YOU turnover your property? Thousands! Think about it … repairs and repainting, carpet cleaning, general cleanup and trash removal, then the cost (and time) of finding another tenant, utilities, and so much more! And just one turnover per year can exhaust your profits!

Atlanta Area Property and Management understands your property management needs because  we are investor landlords. We have first-hand experience with balancing the need to secure and retain high quality tenants, the necessity of regular property maintenance and repair while keeping the properties profitable. When you hire us to manage your property, we strive to protect your investment as if it’s our own. We seek out the best tenants while minimizing days on market.  We’ll suggest maintenance, repairs and updates that can turn a money pit of low rental rates and high turnover into a profit center with higher monthly rents and Tenants that stay longer.

With our years of experience and proven results, you’ll benefit from our property management services and see why we stand above the competition.


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Managing rental properties is a 24/7 business, often requiring after hours work at inconvenient times.  Plus, it requires knowledge, licensing and insurance to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Showing properties to prospective tenants, handling tenant emergencies and late nightPeace of Mind phone calls, and attending to maintenance issues – it’s what we do – every day.  In addition, we have a thorough understanding of landlord tenant laws, fair housing and eviction laws. We maintain all required licensing and insurance to manage your property successfully in compliance with regulations.

Atlanta Area Property and Management gives you peace of mind knowing professionals are taking care of your property, without disrupting your daily life, so you can enjoy the things, and people, most important to you.


Our Services
Evaluate Your Property
  • Visit the property and assess its condition
  • Recommend repairs and improvements that will get the highest monthly rent possible
  •  We can provide contractors
Set Rents Based On Market Value
  • Pull comparatives from multiple listing services
  • Gather rent data from several trustworthy online sources
  • Check nearby For Rent By Owners
  •  We recommend the highest possible rent rate
Market Your Property
  • Install an Agent lock box so we know who is showing your home
  • Take a minimum of 25 professional photographs that show off your property
  • List your home in the multiple listing service with details and photos
  • List your property on Zillow, Postlets, Trulia and several national search websites
  • Include a photo virtual tour
  • Your home is syndicated to thousands of rental websites and all national brokerage websites
  • Show your property and work with other Agents who want to show your home
Process Tenant Applications
  • We work with a national tenant investigative firm, Acutraq, to process applications
  • Tenants complete applications online and are required to upload supporting documents, such as pay stubs
  • Acutraq performs national checks on employment, background, sex offender registry, rental history, and credit; They provide us with results to make a decision
  • Additional screening include actually speaking with previous landlords, employers, and references
  • We make the final decision with our Tenant Guarantee*
Move In
  • We use a strong lease, attach additional 5 pages of tenant responsibilities, strict pet addendums, and include exhibits required by law such as lead paint exhibits
  • Perform the official walk-through and ensure all parties sign the Move-in document, collect the security deposits, pet fees, pro-rated rents, and any monthly rents due
  • Provide online access for Tenant payments and maintenance requests
Maintenance and Lease control
  • We field all maintenance and repairs calls 24/7
  • Tenants have online access to submit repair requests so you always get to see what is happening with your property
  • We send our contractor to evaluate the repair and provide estimate. We determine if tenant is at fault; if so, tenant is notified and billed
  • Once approved, work is completed. Our contractors work closely with us and are eyes on the inside keeping us abreast of the interior condition.
  • We perform regular drive-bys of the property. If the outside is a mess, we send violation notices and it triggers an internal inspection
  • We watch for and immediately address lease violations
  • Annual Property Review upon request by owner
Lease Renewal
  • Resign tenants with annual terms
  • Rents may be raised depending on market value
Move Out
  • We handle tenant move-outs by providing tenants with our departure expectations (a written document of things we expect them to do when moving)
  • We work with the tenants in an effort to help them get as much of their security deposit back as possible leaving your property in great condition
  • We send in our maintenance crew to repair and deep clean before putting the home back on the market
  • We strive to keep long term tenants


LookiDon't Try This At Homeng for an expert with a wealth of experience in the Atlanta area? Our indepth understanding of how to manage properties, combined with our investments in technology and infrastructure allows us to effectively manage at the highest standards with competitive rates. We work with you to gain the highest return possible on your investment property by diligently seeking qualified tenants, keeping repair costs low, and ensuring your property is maintained so it grows in value. Our focus is on the quality of a potential tenant, a tenant with a history of paying on time, a tenant with verifiable income, a tenant with a strong rental history to ensure you a reliable stream of income rather than picking a tenant to just get your home rented.


  • Extensive internet marketing of your property
  • Property inspections to protect the asset
  • Online application process and thorough background and financial checks
  • Strong leases and supporting document
  • Full service maintenance to handle requests quickly
  • Direct deposit and on-demand statement for owners
  • Online tenant rent payments
  • Timely handling of necessary eviction proceedings


Nothing affects your cash flow more than late or missing rent payments. Our tenants are required to pay rent online so we know within 3 days if they have the sufficient funds. Within 6 to 10 days, we deposit your funds directly into your designated account.

To ensure timely processing of rents so you can pay your mortgage, rent payments are due on the 1st of each month. They are late on the 2nd and late charges are automatically calculated and billed. On the 3rd day, we being the eviction process – we do not have any Collect Rentgrace period since weekends and holidays do not affect the payment of rent. If we have started eviction, we do not just sit back and wait, we continue to try to collect.  Our collection processes are professional but tough, and we are extremely diligent in collecting rent through a systematic, timely process. We treat our tenants with respect so as to maintain a positive relationship that leads to on-time payments, better care of your property, and a long-term resident.


We have found that tenants rent single family homes because they are looking for privacy, space, and wanting to get away from the constant intrusion into their apartment homes from leasing managers and maintenance people. However, we know that tenants still require strict rules and guidelines on how they are expected to maintain a property and we accomplish this with the lease and property inspections.

To protect your property, we first start with regular drive-bys and walk around the property checking for a clean yard and good general upkeep all while protecting the Tenants right to “quiet enjoyment” that the law provides. If we notice any issues that concern us, we schedule an internal inspection or will schedule a “regular” maintenance call with our contractor as soon as possible. When we meet with the tenant, we will address all issues, inside and out, and put a plan in place for corrective action with firm target dates and consequences.


Many of our property owners love the Annual Property Report that we offer for an extra fee. Working with OnSight PROS, they perform an in-depth review of your property and provide a 20-40 page report. This thorough report includes photos and comments on what they observe at your property, possible insurance risks, and its current condition including maintenance issues, check smoke detectors, HVAC inspections, possible code violations, hazardous concerns, potential HOA violations, unauthorized pets and people, and possible illegal activity.


As with your own personal residence, there is always maintenance needed on something. Thus is the case for your rental property, too, and is just part of the cost of owning rental property. Maintenance and repairs significantly impact your return on investment and cash flow if you aren’t getting the best prices. Paying retail is just not an option and because we have such a large volume of work, we have been able to negotiate great prices with various contractors. As part of our management duties, we tend to repairs and maintenance quickly, professionally, t costs below retail. Rental Maintenance

Our management agreement details the manner in which we can operate on your behalf. As an owner, under state law, you are legally and financially responsible for keeping the home in good and habitable condition. The better you maintain the home, the more likely you are to obtain better tenants.

Owners authorize us in the management agreement to perform up to $500.00 of maintenance and repairs on the property without express consent. If a repair or maintenance estimate exceeds $500, we obtain your authorization before any work is started. However, in the case of an emergency, we are permitted to take action to mitigate the damage even if the costs exceed $500. Once we have received estimates, you’ll be contacted and we’ll discuss the details so you have a clear understanding of the maintenance or repair and to obtain your permission for the go ahead. If we are unable to reach you, we will only perform the minimum repair to meet code requirements and protect life and the property.

If the tenant causes the damage, they will be charged for the cost of repairs and no funds will come out of your repair escrow. We will work directly with the tenant to recover damages. You no longer have to fight that battle or answer that weekend call!


Record keeping is one of the worst evils ever! But, you have to report everything and we provide the online tool to track your income and expenses. We use a state-of-the-art property management system, called Propertyware, to handle our tenant, owner, and internal process and business. This all-inclusive accounting and reporting system comes packed with itemized statements, tax documentation, online payment access, and general financial information making it available to you in a variety of statements and even downloadable files (if you like to play with numbers). Each owner and tenant has their own password protected portal where they can make payments, enter repair requests, see financial information and even converse with our property managers.


Owners often contract with us when they have a tenant they need to evict – and that’s ok. We know it’s a difficult and scary process.  However, in the state of Georgia, if you don’t pay, you don’t stay. Our property managers are well versed in the Landlord/Tenant laws and are careful to document tenant breaches of the lease, then we initiate the proper legal steps in the fastest possible time-frame to minimize your court and legal costs.  With deadbeat tenants, our goal is to get your property returned in the best condition possible.


Tenant Guarantee

* What is our Tenant Guarantee? Our Tenant Guarantee is simple and one of the best reasons to choose us to manage your property: If we place a Tenant in your rental property and there is an full service management agreement in place, we promise that if the Tenant must be evicted anytime during the first year of the lease, we will cover the costs of the eviction (including court and legal fees), the cost of getting your home back in the same rent ready condition, and the cost to procure a new Tenant. However, we do not cover any lost revenue.